Late Night TV Report, April 7th, 2015

This past week has been a very interesting week in the world of late-night TV.

In Japan, a late night TV milestone was reached on Saturday night when an android hosted a late-night TV show for the very first time. An android duplicate of late night TV show host Matsuko Deluxe made its appearance on his show Matsuko Matsuko….and was an “unnerving” experience for the TV host. “Matsukodroid” and its creator, famed roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, were brought onto the show by Japanese advertising agency Dentsu in order to promote what it hopes will be a trend in android entertainers. As for Matsuko Deluxe, it’s his hope that he will be able to “take a few well-deserved days off” thanks to Matsukodroid!   

As most of you here in the US are no doubt aware, South African comedian Trevor Noah is due to take over from Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Back home in South Africa, enthusiasm over Noah taking the helm on the show is growing, not least among his family – and his grandmother in particular. In an interview to a South African TV channel, she talks about how proud she is of her grandson….and also took the time to warn his critics that they could “give him ideas for his jokes”!

Last night on HBO’s late night news show Last Week Tonight, viewers were surprised when host John Oliver sat down and interviewed American NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for the show. The two discussed quite a few topics, including the NSA’s surveillance programs and junk pictures!

And finally, six days ago, newly-christened host of American TV network CBS’s Late Late Show James Corden was in for a shock when guest Katie Couric took a fall down a flight of stairs and seemed to have been seriously injured or even killed. Fortunately it was an April Fool’s joke, but it was one that gave Corden and the audience a very big scare! 

No matter if you’re a fan of late-night TV or not, one thing is for certain: It has been getting very interesting all around the world over the past week or two!

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