Interview with Former “Letterman” Head Merrill Markoe

While browsing around the realms of cyberspace this morning, I found this very interesting interview from with Merrill Markoe, who was the head writer of the “Late Night with David Letterman” show (as well as the morning show he briefly did in NYC before getting his national late night show) back when it first came on the air in 1982. Markoe gives some interesting insights to the show’s struggling days on NBC back in the early ’80s and how she and the other writers managed to turn the show from what seemed like an uncertain venture into a phenomenal TV success!

As “Letterman” winds down, it’s interesting to see how far the show has come since those early days and how he was nearly convinced back in those days that his venture into the late-night TV circuit wouldn’t go far after his failure at early morning TV. He – and the writers such as Markoe who worked hard at making the show a success – must’ve been pleasantly surprised!

You can read that article here:

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