New Changes Come to TCNO

In case you guys haven’t noticed it, some very big changes came to The Contemporary Night Owl this week!

First off, I’d like to officially announce that TCNO is becoming a web directory in addition to a blog! Let’s face it: TCNO was fast outgrowing the blog format (both in terms of  blog content and in scope) and there’s only so much info that can be discussed in a daily blog post. To that end, I have decided to move toward a web directory format that can provide info about events and businesses that open during the late-night hours, as well as a few other odds and ends that just don’t fit into a blog post format.

However, there’s lots of content that just won’t cut it in a web directory, such as news updates, events, oddball items, and so on. For these reasons – as well as the posts from the past that are still receiving daily hits – the blog will stay open and I plan to start posting here regularly again.

Secondly, I’m happy to announce that I’ve packed TCNO up and moved it to its own self-hosted WordPress site! Obviously Blogger wasn’t going to work out for a website of this scope, so it was time to move to bigger and greener pastures. Kudos go to Google for hosting TCNO on its servers for nearly three years now though. For the next year anyway, TCNO will have its own home and hopefully things will work out.

Thanks to all of you out there for your support and for keeping up with the latest posts from TCNO this year! Most importantly of all, a very big “Thank You” goes to a “special friend” (you know who you are!) for her friendly advice in reconfiguring this site for WordPress!

Please stay tuned because more new stuff will be coming here over time!


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