Late-Night Weekend Train Service Comes to the Northern USA

If you live in the USA and your travel dreams involve riding the rails at night and doing a little late-night shopping or dining, you’re in for luck! Amtrak is adding a weekend train route that allows passengers to do just that!

Beginning on Oct. 3rd, the Hiawatha route will run two trains between Chicago and Milwaukee on Saturday nights that make stopovers in Glenview, IL & at the Sturtevant and Milwauke airport in WI. This route is specifically for passengers who want to have a little late-night fun and are in no particular hurry to get to their destination.

The route will run until Jan. 2nd, so if you want to catch a ride on this train, you’d better act fast!

Source: Amtrak Hiawatha adds late night train for fall holiday season

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