Prince William’s Late Night Chinese TV Appearance

In case you guys hadn’t heard, Prince William will soon be making an appearance
on late night TV in China!

A speech the Duke of Cambridge made before a discussion panel at the King’s College in London will air on CCTV1’s late night Saturday talk show Let’s Talk sometime within the next several weeks. The speech deals with the illegal ivory trade and is expected to reach 100 million people across mainland China, where a huge portion of the world’s ivory ends up being sold and where efforts are being made to combat the trade.

Given the mishmash of variety shows, sitcoms, etc. on Saturday night Chinese TV – as well as the premiere of the Chinese version of the long-running US comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live , it will be interesting to see how many people tune in to see this speech!

Source: Prince William to Give Speech About Illegal Ivory Trade on Chinese Television

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