TCNO’s Neon/LED Sign Category Is Now Open!

If you’ve been following this blog since its migration to WordPress a few months ago, you may have noticed that a special category dedicated to neon and LED signs under the “Miscellany” section of the Night Owl Directory has sat abandoned and forlorn ever since then. Well I’m pleased to announce that that particular category is now officially open to the public! At this time I only have a few entries of various neon and LED signs and billboards from around the world listed there, but more are going to be added over time. Be sure to bookmark the neon and LED sign category and check in over time to see what’s new!

Also, be sure to check in on the new classified and job boards as well as the Listings store since those should be ready for business sometime within the next week once a few odds and ends are sorted out.

And as always, many, many thanks for your visits to this site! Each and every visit is much appreciated!

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