Harry Potter Midnight Release Party Location List Comes to TCNO

It’s a good three months away until the script for the new Harry Potter play (which also happens to be the latest installment in the highly popular book series) titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hits the bookstore shelves on July 31st, but fans are already getting excited and gearing up for its release! And to kick off this latest installment of the series, bookstores across the USA – and most likely around the world – will be throwing midnight release parties to welcome it to the world!

If you want to stay updated about the latest midnight release parties in your town, just stay tuned to TCNO. I will try hard to keep you guys updated about which bookstores are throwing parties with a list I’ve compiled of all the parties that I’ve gotten word about so far along with their locations and details. That list can be found here. Be sure to bookmark it and stay updated so you can get together with fellow Harry Potter fans in your town or city and celebrate!

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