Breaking News: Bangkok Authorities to Close All Street Food Stalls

In case you guys haven’t heard the news, the Bangkok city government are ordering the closure of all street food stalls across the city as part of efforts to clean up the city and remodel it into a more sophisticated city. This means that certain outdoor food stall-centered night markets are about to either disappear for good or transform into indoor markets.

Until news about which night markets are slated for closure becomes available, all pages dedicated to Bangkok night markets here at TCNO will remain online as always. If you have any reports about the closure of any Bangkok night markets that I may have missed, feel free to leave a report here.

Anyway, for more about this latest news from Bangkok, here’s an article for your reading pleasure:

Harry Potter Midnight Release Party Location List Comes to TCNO

It’s a good three months away until the script for the new Harry Potter play (which also happens to be the latest installment in the highly popular book series) titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hits the bookstore shelves on July 31st, but fans are already getting excited and gearing up for its release! And to kick off this latest installment of the series, bookstores across the USA – and most likely around the world – will be throwing midnight release parties to welcome it to the world!

If you want to stay updated about the latest midnight release parties in your town, just stay tuned to TCNO. I will try hard to keep you guys updated about which bookstores are throwing parties with a list I’ve compiled of all the parties that I’ve gotten word about so far along with their locations and details. That list can be found here. Be sure to bookmark it and stay updated so you can get together with fellow Harry Potter fans in your town or city and celebrate!

BBC Article: Neon Sign-Making: A Dying Art

In case you missed it yesterday, the BBC did an interview with a neon sign maker, who it seems is one of the last of a vanishing breed. In addition to learning more about the current state of neon signage, we also get to see a neon sign being created. Which is a very fascinating process by the way!

You can see the video here:

TCNO’s Neon/LED Sign Category Is Now Open!

If you’ve been following this blog since its migration to WordPress a few months ago, you may have noticed that a special category dedicated to neon and LED signs under the “Miscellany” section of the Night Owl Directory has sat abandoned and forlorn ever since then. Well I’m pleased to announce that that particular category is now officially open to the public! At this time I only have a few entries of various neon and LED signs and billboards from around the world listed there, but more are going to be added over time. Be sure to bookmark the neon and LED sign category and check in over time to see what’s new!

Also, be sure to check in on the new classified and job boards as well as the Listings store since those should be ready for business sometime within the next week once a few odds and ends are sorted out.

And as always, many, many thanks for your visits to this site! Each and every visit is much appreciated!

New Countries Come to TCNO’s Night Market Section

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve done a massive and long-overdue update to the night market section of TCNO’s web directory. In addition to the countries that were added a few months ago, you can now find listings for night markets/pasar malam in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, China and the UK. Feel free to browse over to the directory and have a look to see what’s new!

Please check in again soon as there will certainly more updates to come in the days and weeks ahead!


Article: Osaka’s Planetarium Cafe Draws In Stargazers

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of any updates to the web directory or blog over the past several months. Life has a nasty way of getting in the way of blogging and webmaster duties sometimes. Now that things are starting to settle down, I will make a serious effort to update the site regularly.

Now that that’s out of the way, I thought I’d share this article with you guys about a new late-night cafe bar that is becoming a big hit among night owls in Osaka, Japan! And to be more specific, stargazers who, living in the middle of a sprawling city, might not have many opportunities for stargazing.

If a patron isn’t familiar with the exact name of a star or the light pollution and/or weather conditions aren’t very cooperative with stargazing activities, no problem! The cafe has a mini-planetarium complete with a planetary guide that makes the constellations easy for everyone to understand and identify.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this cafe, you can find the article at

Update (12/9/2016): Since the publication of this post, The Bangkok Post has started requiring a subscription fee for all of its archived content and as a result, this article is no longer accessible unless you are a subscriber. The good news is that I’ve found another article about the cafe from The Japan Times, which includes an additional picture of the cafe’s rooftop. That article can be found here:

Oh, and a very belated Happy New Year to each and all of you out there! May 2016 be a blessed year for all of you filled with many exciting ventures into the nighttime world!



Late-Night Weekend Train Service Comes to the Northern USA

If you live in the USA and your travel dreams involve riding the rails at night and doing a little late-night shopping or dining, you’re in for luck! Amtrak is adding a weekend train route that allows passengers to do just that!

Beginning on Oct. 3rd, the Hiawatha route will run two trains between Chicago and Milwaukee on Saturday nights that make stopovers in Glenview, IL & at the Sturtevant and Milwauke airport in WI. This route is specifically for passengers who want to have a little late-night fun and are in no particular hurry to get to their destination.

The route will run until Jan. 2nd, so if you want to catch a ride on this train, you’d better act fast!

Source: Amtrak Hiawatha adds late night train for fall holiday season

New Changes Come to TCNO

In case you guys haven’t noticed it, some very big changes came to The Contemporary Night Owl this week!

First off, I’d like to officially announce that TCNO is becoming a web directory in addition to a blog! Let’s face it: TCNO was fast outgrowing the blog format (both in terms of  blog content and in scope) and there’s only so much info that can be discussed in a daily blog post. To that end, I have decided to move toward a web directory format that can provide info about events and businesses that open during the late-night hours, as well as a few other odds and ends that just don’t fit into a blog post format.

However, there’s lots of content that just won’t cut it in a web directory, such as news updates, events, oddball items, and so on. For these reasons – as well as the posts from the past that are still receiving daily hits – the blog will stay open and I plan to start posting here regularly again.

Secondly, I’m happy to announce that I’ve packed TCNO up and moved it to its own self-hosted WordPress site! Obviously Blogger wasn’t going to work out for a website of this scope, so it was time to move to bigger and greener pastures. Kudos go to Google for hosting TCNO on its servers for nearly three years now though. For the next year anyway, TCNO will have its own home and hopefully things will work out.

Thanks to all of you out there for your support and for keeping up with the latest posts from TCNO this year! Most importantly of all, a very big “Thank You” goes to a “special friend” (you know who you are!) for her friendly advice in reconfiguring this site for WordPress!

Please stay tuned because more new stuff will be coming here over time!


Midnight Movie Review: The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf (1979)

Let’s face it: We all sit at our desks at our day jobs wishing we could have a job that is far more exciting than our own and with much better pay. But what would happen if someone sat at their desk and dreamed about being a professional killer and descending into the underworld of organized crime with guns blazing? Worse yet, what if that person decided to make their dream come true?

That’s exactly what happens in the 1979 Japanese flick The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf. In the movie, the late, great ’80s Japanese film legend Yusaku Matsuda plays Tetsuya Asakura, an ordinary accountant working at a desk job for a major Japanese oil company. He comes to work everyday with his bagged lunch and briefcase and spends his day punching up numbers. He dreams of moving up the corporate ladder, but doesn’t want to spend years doing it.

At night, Asakura makes his dreams of becoming rich and powerful come true vis a vis his deadly alter ego. At night, he becomes a ruthless killer and con artist who has no problem robbing banks, blackmailing, drugging women, and killing on a massive scale. He carries out his nightly bouts of mayhem and violence and still manages to make it to work on time the next morning!

He decides to bring down the company that he works for during the day by joining forces with a drug syndicate to blackmail and rob the board of executives, but only finds himself embroiled in a nasty shooting war with this syndicate when they decide to renege on any deals made with him.

When he’s not blowing away bad guys, Asakura also finds time to fall in love with and seduce his boss’s mistress Kyoko (played by famed Japanese TV actress Jun Fubuki).While she may be infatuated with Asakura during the night, she passes by the desk of this seemingly-ordinary accountant during the daytime hours everyday without realizing who he really is.

Also in this movie is Japanese martial arts movie legend Sonny Chiba, who has a brief appearance as the company CEO’s nephew who is hired by his uncle to take down the vultures.

All in all this is a very brutal, hardcore action movie filled with gratuitious amounts of violence, nudity and sex. And according to Mark Schilling’s The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture (1997), it earned one million yen when it hit the Japanese big screen. All of this makes it a must-see action movie, especially for Japanese movie fans and/or Yusaku Matsuda fans. And of course for fans of ’70s movies, there’s the  ’70s fashions such as the curly wig and shades that Asakura wears plus the funky ’70s soundtrack!

Also, it’s safe to assume that this movie (as well as the book it was based on by Haruhiko Oyabu) is a parody and critique of the Japanese corporate and work culture, where ordinary employees of the big-name Japanese brands are traditionally expected be grateful to their bosses for their jobs, to fall in line behind others who have fairly or unfairly moved up the corporate ladder ahead of them, and are expected to make their jobs the biggest part of their lives right next to family.

The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf  is definitely a good choice for late-night movie viewing!

Also known as: The Return of the Golden Wolf ; Resurrection of Golden Wolf  (alternate English titles), Yomigaeru kinro/蘇る金狼 ” (original Japanese title)