Super Tanker Food Centre

While not quite as well known as hawker centers such as Gurney Road Hawker Centre, Super Tanker Food Centre in the city of Bayan Lepas in Malaysia’s Penang state is making a name for itself in its own special way!

First and foremost, this hawker center is becoming very famous around Penang for its aki pancakes, which are a traditional Chinese pancake stuffed with a wide variety of fillings such as peanuts. In fact, many Penangites (or seasoned Penang travelers) argue that Super Tanker Food Centre offers the best aki pancakes in Penang, period!

In addition to aki pancakes, food stalls selling typical hawker stall delicacies such as chicken fried rice, nasi lemak, fried chicken and duck, Chinese sausages, and much more can be found at this hawker center!

Super Tanker Food Centre is open everyday from 6 am-midnight.

Hawker Center Location:



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