Open Air Market (Open Air Food Court)

The Open Air Market in Kuching, Malaysia circa 2011.

With its trademark fire tower and unmistakably mid-20th century construction, the Open Air Market in Kuching, Malaysia is one of the city’s most iconic food markets, if not the most iconic.

Open Air Market is also home to a few hawker stalls that stay open past 7 pm. One of the most notable is Sin Kwang Heng, which is a Chinese dim sum stall that has been in operation for many years. This particular stall stays open from 8 am-midnight, making it one of the small number of Kuching restaurants that stay open through the nighttime hours!

The Open Air Market itself is open 24 hours, although the closing hours of the hawker stalls operating therein vary.

Food Market Location:





(Image copyright: (WT-shared) Shoestring. Image shared via per CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

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