Lau Pa Sat

A daytime view of Singapore’s Lau Pa Sat circa 2005.

Singapore’s Telok Ayer Centre, or “Lau Pa Sat” as it’s popularly known among locals, has a long history dating back nearly two centuries.

Originally a simple wooden building built at the mouth of the Singapore River as a seafood market, Telok Ayer opened its doors in 1825. It was rebuilt several times during the course of the 19th century by the British authorities until the current building was completed in 1894.

It remained a popular night market throughout the course of the 20th century until 1973, when it was turned into a hawker center where restaurants and food stalls opened in place of the old seafood stalls.

In 1991 Telok Ayer – or Lau Pa Sat as it was now rechristened – was reopened as a festival market and a food court.

Since its 1991 reopening, Lau Pa Sat has undergone a number of renovations (with its most recent large-scale renovation being carried out in 2013-2014) and changes of ownership.

In addition to being a food cener, Lau Pa Sat houses several stores, including a 24 hour Cheers store. On weekend evenings, people who come to have their dinner at Lau Pa Sat can expect to receive a little entertainment along with their dinner by bands putting on live performances!

Lau Pa Sat is not only a nighttime hotspot in Singapore, but a treasured historical site as well!

Lau Pa Sat is open 24 hours a day, so it’s THE place to go for a good plate of hot food, no matter when you’re hungry!

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