Newton Food Centre

The Newton Food Centre in August, 2006. (Sengkang/Wikimedia Commons.)

The Newton Food Centre has been a staple of Singapore’s Newton planning area since 1971 (and well before that). In the 46 years since it first opened, the center has become one of the area’s most prominent places to pick up a quick bite to eat from the wide variety of hawkers located in the building!

Newton Food Centre is designed like the British colonial plantations and houses of old, which can be found here and there throughout the area. In 2005-2006, the centre underwent a major renovation and was relocated to a nearby parking lot. The center was closed again in early 2016 to undergo more renovations.

Among the many foods to be found here are southeast Asian staples such as barbeque dishes, oyster omelettes, satay, chicken lacksa, nasi lemak, tiger prawns, and far more than can be listed here! Newton Food Centre offers much in the way of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Arabic, Burmese, Thai, and Indonesian cuisines, so you will have a very wide selection to choose from here!

The Newton Food Centre is open every day and night from noon-2 am.

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