Night Markets/Pasar Malam

As many who live on or have spent quality time in Asia are all  too aware, the night markets of east Asian nations such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea have a vibrant nightlife scene of their own. As do the pasar malam (“night markets”) of southeast Asian nations such as  Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. These markets are without a doubt some of the nighttime hotspots in their respective cities. In the night markets of east Asia, night markets are places where shoppers can do some quick late-night shopping, eat a late dinner, or play some arcade games to wile away a sleepless night.

On the pages that follow, you will find listings of many of the night markets and pasar malam of those parts of the world, as well as the odd page or two dedicated to history and facts about some of the most famous of these markets. If you want to make a few visits to some night markets in these countries, this is your place to start!



North America:


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