Koorie Night Market

The Koorie Night Market held across various locations in Australia’s state of Victoria is a very unique night market dedicated to Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, crafts, and culture.

Based out of Forest Hill, the Koorie Night Market has been in existence since 2007. It has become a major outlet for indigenous craftspeople selling their handmade jewelry, clothing, artwork, and more to the public. In addition, it has become an important outlet to promote the indigenous musicians and artists who perform at each night market.

The Koorie Night Market has been held in cities such as Melbourne, Epping, Broadmeadows, and elsewhere in Victoria. The dates of each night market may vary and are usually announced on the Upcoming Events/Calendar section of the Koorie Night Market’s website or on their Facebook page. Typically, each of their “market seasons” lasts during the spring-autumn months.


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