Angkor Night Market

If you’re looking for a night market that combines the night market experience with the cosmopolitan shopping mall or shopping center experience (to a good degree anyway), then Angkor Market is the place for you!

This night market, which happens to be Cambodia’s first, was founded in the city of Siem Reap in 2007. It has the outdoor stalls and vendors of the traditional outdoor night market format, but it also has the stationary indoor stores and restaurants of a mall or shopping center.

Among the highlights of the Angkor Night Market are the Brick House Restaurant, which is a restaurant that serves both traditional Khmer and Western food (along with live entertainment), a beachside-type outdoors bar called the Island Bar, a traditional Khmer kroma scarves store called the Kroma House, another Western-Khmer restaurant named CoCo House, and a multitide of shops that sell authentic handmade Khmer handicrafts, souvenirs of Cambodia, clothes, and much more.

The Angkor Night Market also happens to be just a few minutes away from several popular hotels including the Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel and the Tara Angkor Hotel.

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