Donghuamen Night Market

Beijing’s Donghuamen Night Market circa 2008. (Samflash/Wikimedia Commons)

If you happen to be in Beijing and get the craving for some roasted snake or deep-fried sheep “jewels” on a stick during the middle of the night, then you’ll probably want to pay a visit to the city’s Donghuamen Night Market!

Located at the northern end of the famous Wangfujing shopping street in Beijing’s Dongcheng district, Donghuamen has been a staple of Beijing since 1984. The market is most famous for its exotic food selection, which bring in the crowds every night! In addition to the exotic foods are “normal” Chinese and Western foods such as candied apples, shish kebabs, pancakes, roasted corn on the cob, and so on.

While a lot of foreigners might be revolted by it (either ethically or physically), there are no doubt plenty of others – as well as plenty of Chinese tourists – who love this night market!

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