Kaifeng Night Market

An aerial view of the Kaifeng Night Market in Kaifeng, China circa 2011.

The city of Kaifeng in China’s Henan province is said to the the “food capital” of Henan! Their food is mouthwatering and draws in many thousands of visitors from across China and elsewhere in the world every year! And there’s no better place to experience Kaifeng’s food than the Kaifeng Night Market, where over 100 stalls of it can be found!

Among the many food offerings at the Kaifeng Night Market are the local chicken dishes, stinky tofu, mutton dishes, pancakes, seafood dishes and kebabs, and more! Of course, no night market experience would be complete without an abundance of vendors selling clothes, purses, phone accessories, and other goodies!

The Kaifeng Night Market is located in Kaifeng’s Gulou Square, which makes it a breeze to find.

Night Market Location:

NOTE: Map marker is a little inaccurate. To my knowledge the street is correct, but the exact night market location is not!




(Image copyright: caoyuan. Used via Panoramio and Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

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