Tung Choi Street (Ladies’ and Goldfish Markets)

Hong Kong’s Tung Choi Street, or Ladies’ Night Market, in 2006. (Sengkang/Wikimedia Commons)

Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district has long been home to not one, but two night markets!

First and foremost is the Ladies’ market on the southern half of the street. As you may have guessed, this market deals primarily in women’s clothing and fashion accessories. The northern half of the street is home to the “Goldfish Market” that sells mainly goldfish, a few other animals, and pet supplies.

The Ladies’ Market usually opens around 4 pm (which is when the street closes to vehicular traffic) and stays open to around 11 pm on most nights. However, some vendors may stay open until midnight or even beyond, especially on weekend nights.

Night Market Location:



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