Night Markets of India

The markets and bazaars of India are places of legend that have made their way into countless stories, poems and books over the course of the centuries. They are places where traders from nations near and far have sold exquisite goods that would otherwise not be available in India, or where those traders could buy Indian goods not available at home. They are places where the common people of India have flocked to have a meal or buy essential everyday items. They have also been the places where scenes of international intrigue from the pages of Rudyard Kipling’s works down to the James Bond movies of modern times have taken place.

Today’s night markets in India carry on that same tradition. They are places where companies from other countries in the Asean region and beyond can market their clothing or household items or where a hungry patron can enjoy a bowl of curry chicken. And of course, places where tourists from home and abroad can come and buy a few special gifts to take home!

Here are the Indian night market listings available in this directory:


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