Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar is one of Bali’s most famous pasar malam. This long and winding night market has built up a reputation over the decades for its delicious food, the vendors (many of whom have been selling their wares there for decades), and the atmosphere….which can be filled with vegetable stalls and warungs jam-packed with locals and international tourists alike savoring the delicious food!

In addition to all the warungs and other fruit, vegetable, and food stalls are the stalls selling household items, handicrafts, and many other items.

Gianyar Night Market is located very close to the tourist hotspot of Ubud, which makes it convenient for anyone staying there who wants to head out and enjoy the nightlife of the area, as well as some delicious local cuisine!

Night Market Location:



  • (Article from Bali Magazine about the Gianyar Night Market plus a few others.)
  • (A 2010 article from The Jakarta Post about the pasar malam of Bali. Includes a section on Gianyar Night Market.)


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