Ekoda Night Bazaar

Since 1996, the Ekoda Night Bazaar has served to help promote shops operating along the Sakaecho Hondori (also known as Ekoda Yuyu Road among locals) shōtengai (商店街), or “shopping street”, near Ekoda Station located in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward.

This night bazaar is famous for its vegetable stands selling locally-grown produce such as Daikon radishes, food stalls selling treats to munch on while you enjoy the festivities, and an ink-stamp rally where winners can win a little prize such as a movie ticket. At times, the bazaar has featured traditional Japanese activities such as the January 2015 bazaar, which featured Setsubun bean-throwing and top-spinning contests for children.

The Ekoda Night Bazaar is an annual bazaar held from 5-8 pm on the fourth Saturday of odd-numbered months throughout the year.

Night Market Location:



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