Namdaemun Market

Seoul's Namdaemun Market circa 2006.
Seoul’s Namdaemun Market circa 2006.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is South Korea’s oldest night market. Dating back to 1414, Namdaemun is chock full of shops that are full of hosehold goods, cosmetics, luxury items, food, flowers, clothes, handicrafts and much more. It’s also a place where a late night shopper can browse around and indulge in a little history at the same time!

Namdaemun Market can expect to receive over 400,000 shoppers a day and contains well over 10,000 stores!

Located by Seoul’s historical southern gate for well over 600 years now, Namdaemun Market is a place you’ll definitely want to add to your To-Visit list if you’re a tourist wanting to hit Korea’s night markets!

Namdaemun Market opens at 10:30 pm and closes at 2:30 am.


(Image credit: d’n’c. Used via Wikimedia Commons/Flickr per CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Unported license.)


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