AU2 Keramat/Setiawangsa Night Market (Pasar Malam AU2)

Kuala Lumpur’s eastern suburb of Setiawangsa is a hillside district with lots of residents and businesses, including international department store and supermarket chains. It’s only natural that a night market would do well in an area such as this!

The AU2 Keramat/Setiawangsa Pasar Malam, or Pasar Malam AU2, is one of the places to be on Saturday nights if you live in or are visiting this area!

If you go to this night market, you’ll find a wide assortment of Malaysian delicacies including traditional handmade soft drinks, handmade fried chicken, sausages, fruits of all kinds, traditional desserts (and ice cream too!), soups, vegetables, and much more! And of course merchandise such as clothing and shoes can be found here for a bargain.

This market is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Night Market Location:

NOTE: Location on the map above is approximate!




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