Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar

Being just two months old at the time of this writing, the Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar in the city of Ipoh in Malaysia’ Perak state has quickly become the city’s largest pasar malam and a major Ipoh tourist attraction!

Officially debuting to the public in December of 2017, the Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar is home to 600 vendors selling a wide assortment of items, a hawker court consisting of 300 hawkers, a nightly walking tour around the bazaar, and live events. The bazaar’s location in downtown Ipoh makes it a prime spot for doing some late-night shopping and strolling!

Wifi and free parking are available.

The Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar is open every evening from 5 pm-1 am.

Night Market Location:



  • https://ipohwalk.com/ (Official Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar homepage.)
  • https://www.facebook.com/IpohWalk/ (The official Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar Facebook page.)

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