Chinese New Year Night Market (Kota Kinabalu)

Every year during the Chinese New Year holiday, the Chinese New Year Night Market comes to Kota Kinabalu. Malaysia!

This market is a street market filled with stalls selling foods and handicrafts of all kinds that’s held during the New Year holiday, or late January and/or early February. Among the foods to choose from are seafoods, local dishes, Chinese food, and more. Traditional Chinese handicrafts, decorations, and clothing can be found at stalls throughout the market to help make the holiday more festive!

The 2017 Chinese New Year Night Market was held from January 21-26 and featured over 200 stalls! Contrary to previous years, the 2017 market was held on Padang Merdeka rather than Gaya Street in order to give hawkers more selling opportunities and browsers-by a little more time amd space to browse.



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