Siniawan Night Market

During the mid-2000s, the town of Siniawan, Malaysia was inundated by heavy floods that devastated the town and ruined its fortunes. By the time the decade ended, the town was largely abandoned and was written off as a ghost town never to be prosperous again.

Fast-forward some 7-8 years and the town has experience a complete reversal of fortunes. Thanks in large part to some clever planning and determination from the locals not to let their town fade away, the Siniawan Old Town is now a popular getaway spot for many people wanting to spend a little time in a traditional Chinese town setting complete with authentic wooden shops and signboards. Many of these people arrive in town for the weekend night market, which is held in the old town.

When the night market is taking place, tables fill the town’s streets and stalls selling every kind of traditional Malay and Chinese recipe imaginable line the storefronts! Some of the non-culinary activities at the Siniawan night market include karaoke, gift stalls, street games, and more.

The Siniawan Night Market is held on Fridays and Saturdays from 6-11 pm and from 4-11 pm on Sundays.

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