Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar

The Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar in the city of Puchong in Malaysia’s Selangor state is more than just another night market. It’s a place where some serious fun can be had!

This night market – an indoor mall-type night market – opened in 2015, which makes it a relative newcomer in Malaysia’s night market scene. It seems to be a very upscale night market oriented more toward the young, fun-loving, “uptown” hipster crowd. It features a “cafe” which has hawker stalls selling international foods of all kinds, booths and stores selling clothing, food, housewares, computers and computer accessories, and much, much more.

Apart from the stores and booths mentioned above, the Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar hosts community events such as hot dog eating contests, car shows, and national and international games/sporting tournaments on a big screen TV as well as offbeat events such as the “Bundle Week Fiesta” they hosted in November 2016 which featured used clothing from across the globe sold at dirt cheap prices.

One thing is for sure: This is one unique entry in the annals of worldwide night markets!

Night Market Location:



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