Hualien Dongdamen Tourist Night Market (Dongdaemun Night Market)

A food stall at the Hualien Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien City, Taiwan in 2016.

Not to be confused with a similarly-named market in Seoul, South Korea, the Hualien Dongdamen (Tungtamen) Tourist Night Market – or Dongdaemun Night Market as it’s often called – was created in July of 2015 by merging Hualien’s Futing Night Market (until 2014, the Rainbow Night Market) with hundreds of food vendors from across Taiwan to create a mega-night market. Four months later, Hualien’s second most popular night market at the time, Ziqiang Night Market, was also incorporated into the Hualien Dongdamen Tourist Night Market.

The food vendors – over 400 to be exact at the time of this writing  – sell every kind of Chinese, Taiwanese, and aboriginal food imaginable. One street in this night market is dedicated to nothing but Chinese cuisine. The other street is dedicated to Taiwanese aboriginal cuisine. If you love the cuisine of mainland China, there are numerous stalls selling foods from the different provinces of China.  Many of the stalls have a distinct aboriginal or Chinese theme.

In addition to food, there is a fairly big game zone where visitors can play darts, target shoot, or pinball. Live musical performances also make this night market experience a very relaxing and enjoyable one!

Since its opening, the Hualien Dongdamen Tourist Night Market has become a huge hit among Taiwanese and foreign tourists alike!

The Hualien Dongdamen Tourist Night Market is open every evening from 5-11 pm.

Night Market Location:






Image copyright: Sinchen.Lin. Used via Flickr and Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license.)




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