Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market (Xingnan/Singnan Night Market)

A daytime view of the Xingnan Night Market in August 2016.

The Xingnan Night Market is located in the Zhonghe district of Greater Taipei. While relatively small compared to other night markets in the region, Xingnan has a whole lot to offer!

This T-shaped night market is more oriented toward a local crowd, but it offers just about anything that a person could possibly need. Foods of all kind, clothes, shoes, household and electronic items, you name it. However, there are two offerings that make this night market unique. One is the abundance of food vendors selling steak dishes. According to some visitors, steak dishes of every kind can be found here! Another thing that makes this night market unique are the southeast Asian vendors – particularly vendors from Myanmar (Burma) – who have made their home here.

In addition to southeast Asian and Chinese cuisine, pasta and snack vendors can be found at Xingnan.

The Xingnan Night Market is open everyday from midnight-12 pm and from 5 pm-midnight.

Night Market Location:




(Image credit: Padai. Used via Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.)


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