Caotun Night Market

One of the more recent night markets to pop up in Taiwan and gain the attention of night market aficionados is the Caotun Night Market, or Caoxiedun Tourist Night Market in Taiwan’s Nantou County.

Located in Nantou County’s Caotun township, the Caotun night market is a little different from most other night markets. This one has much more to offer in terms of games and food for whole families to enjoy as well as the usual merchandise and clothing. And night owls have reason to be proud as the night owl is the market’s chosen logo and it features prominently around the market!

The Caotun Night Market is open until 6 pm-12 am on weekend nights. If you happen to be traveling in Nantou County, this is one night market you’ll probably want to see up close!

* (A blogger’s report on the Caotun Night Market. Includes some very interesting pics and info!)
* (Wikipedia entry)



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