Dihua Street

Shoppers and vendors along Taipei’s Dihua Street during the Chinese New Year season of 2012.

During the vast majority of the year, Taipei, Taiwan’s Dihua Street is a relatively quiet shopping street with a handful of shops and other businesses situated in buildings well over a century and a half old. However, during the Chinese New Year season, Dihua Street turns into a crowded, bustling corridor of street vendors selling gifts and foods of all kinds. With people traveling to and passing through Taipei as well as local Taipeiers buying gifts for their relatives and loved ones as they prepare to leave the city for the holiday, the crowds can swell to very intense levels! During this time of year, Dihua street stays busy at night as well as during the daytime hours, turning the street into a de facto annual night market!






(Image copyright: sam tao. Used via Flickr/Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license.)

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