Gongguan Night Market

A Yakitori stall at the Gongguan Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan circa 2009.

The Gongguan Night Market is the largest night market in southern Taipei. As its name indicates, Gongguan located right smack dab in the middle of the popular Gongguan shopping area, which makes it a prime destination for all the night owls who are out doing some late night shopping!

This night market is highly popular among students of the nearby Taiwan Normal University. Many of the vendors here make a special effort to accomodate the students, who, like most other university students the world over, are struggling to hang on to every last cent they have.

Gongguan Night Market is famous for its stalls cooking up various types of pancakes, bubble milk tea, and nearby restaurants serving foods from all across southeast Asia, such as Thai, Indonesian, and Cantonese foods.

Also, since the market (and the Gongguan area in general) caters to university students, there are bookstores, fashion shops, and movie theaters surrounding the market!

The Gongguan Night Market is open everyday except Wednesday from 3-11:45 pm.

Night Market Location:





(Image copyright: Fred Hsu. Used via Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

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