Huaxi Street Night Market (“Snake Alley”)

The Huaxi St. Night Market, aka "Snake Alley".
The Huaxi St. Night Market, aka “Snake Alley”.

Taipei’s Huaxi Street Night Market is officially Taiwan’s oldest tourist attraction.

The Huaxi St. Night Market, which is located in Taipei’s Wanhua district, is well over half a century old. Formerly a red-light district until just 24 years ago, “Snake Alley” (as it’s popularly nicknamed for reasons discussed below) is famous worldwide. The massive traditional Chinese-style gate that dominates its entrance and the traditional red lanterns that dangle from the gate are instantly recognizable to anyone who has spent quality time or lived in Taipei.

The Huaxi Street Night Market is famous for its “unusual” (at least to Western tastes anyway!) cuisine offerings that feature snakes and their  anatomy, such as snake blood drinks, snake soup, and much more. Hence the nickname “Snake Alley”! There are also noodle restaurants, seafood restaurants, and more. If you have the passion (and the courage!) to try something new and happen to be visiting or living in Taiwan, you’ll probably want to have a late-night dinner at one of the restaurants and food stalls here!

Located in Taipei’s Wanhua district, Snake Alley opens its doors at 4 pm and closes at midnight everyday.

Night Market Location:




(Image credit: Deadkid_dk. Used via Wikimedia Commons.)


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