Jingmei Night Market

Jingmei Night Market is an often-overlooked night market in Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei, but it still has much of the savory cuisine and handy merchandise of its bigger cousins!

Located along Jingmei Street in Taipei’s Wenshan District, the Jingmei Night Market operates as a regular market for buying fresh vegetables, household goods, etc. during the daytime hours. At night, it turns into a night market and is the place to go if you’re in Wenshan District and want to sample some late-night Taiwanese or even Japanese cuisine! It’s also the place to go to pick up a few necessary kitchen items, hardware, or clothing.

In short, it may be smaller than the more famous night markets in Taipei, but the Jingmei Night Market still has much to offer to visitors! Also, its proximity to the many tourist attractions in the Wenshan District such as the Taipei Zoo and the teahouses of Maokong make Jingmei a great place to pick up a quick meal after visiting and experiencing these attractions!

The Jingmei Night Market is open everyday from 6 pm-11 pm or 12 am (for vendors). However, some restaurants stay open until 2 am.

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