Sanhe Night Market

While not as large as other Taipei night markets such as Raohe or the Huaxi St. Night Market, Sanhe Night Market has a charm of its own! Since it’s geared more toward local Taipei residents than tourists from home or abroad, Sanhe is more low-key than the other night markets of the city.

Located in Taipei’s Sanchong district (and located a short distance away from the more famous Wenhua North Street Night Market), Sanhe offers lots of food stalls cooking up both local and traditional Chinese foods, clothes stalls, toys, and much more.

This is one night market that might be worth a visit if you happen to be in that part of town, but be warned: It can be jam packed with other browsers and shoppers!

Night Market Location:

*NOTE: Due to mapping software glitches beyond my control, the marker on the map is, to my knowledge, a short distance away from the actual location of Sanhe Night Market!



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