Shida Night Market

Once upon a time, Shida Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan had a reputation for being a bustling center of activity that seemingly stayed open all hours of the night and many countless thousands of people streaming in and out of its corridors. It is located in Taipei’s upscale and “alternative” Shi-Da Road neighborhood, which has made it a popular haunt among the young alternative crowd and hipsters. Given its proximity to one of Taiwan’s largest universities, Taiwan Normal University, it has always been a place where college students flocked to debate politics and philosophy, buy some books, and/or find some necessities for their dorm rooms. A few years ago, the city of Taipei began rezoning the area around Shida Night Market and all of that began to change….or at least a little.

These days Shida Night Market is still a popular market, albeit a much smaller one than the likes of Taipei’s “night market giants” such as Raohe Street Night Market and Shilin Night Market. Since the market was rezoned, it’s much smaller in size, quieter, and less packed with people than it was a decade or two ago. It still remains the most popular night market in the area around the Shida neighborhood.

These days this market has much to offer to the young (and predominantly female) hipster crowd, mainly in the way of clothing and fashion accessories. Stalls selling clothes, shoes, and purses at cheap prices, smartphone accessories, and jewelry are what you can expect to find here. There is a line of food stalls, but according to most reports, they don’t have quite as much to offer as the bigger night markets in Taipei.

All in all, a worthwhile experience if you happen to be traveling through the Shi-Da Road area or Da’an district!

The Shida Night Market is open everyday from 12 pm-midnight.

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