Shipai Night Market

The Shipai Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan circa 2008.

The Shipai Night Market located in Taipei’s Beitou district is a relatively small night market, but popular among local and foreign tourists alike.

Unlike the vast majority of Taipei’s other night markets, the primary focus of this night market is on local dishes and tropical fruit stalls. If you’re having a late night craving for durian, mangoes, or some other type of Taiwanese fruit or you’re just wandering around the Beitou district at night and want a quick bite to eat, this is the place for you!

Night Market Location:

NOTE: Marker on the map is close to, but not at the approximate location of Shipai Night Market.







(Image copyright: Tianmu peter. Used via Panoramio and Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)

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