Wuzhou Street Night Market

Tucked away (along with its cousin, the Guangzhou Street Night Market) in the shadow of the much larger Snake Alley is the much smaller Wuzhou Street Night Market.

Located in Taipei’s Wanhua district very close to the Longshan Temple, the Wuzhou Street Night Market is very similar to Guangzhou Street Night Market, but one thing does set it apart from all the rest: Its pork dishes. There are no shortage of food vendors who cook up pork dishes of every kind! In addition, many of the exotic offerings found at Snake Alley can also be found here, such as fried snakes and frogs. If this kind of food tickles your fancy, you oughtta love this place!

At the time of this writing I don’t have any opening or closing times available for the Wuzhou Street Night Market, so if any of you out there have those, please share them with us!

Night Market Location:





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