Night Markets of Thailand

Night markets – or night bazaars and weekend markets as they are often called in Thailand – are a permanent fixture of the night scenes of virtually all of the major towns and cities across Thailand. For locals and international tourists alike, they are places to go to buy household necessities, clothes, toys, and much more. Furthermore, they are places to go to sample the local cuisines and craft traditions of the different regions and cities of Thailand.

From the sai ua sausages found in the night markets of northern Thailand to the handcrafted Buddha statues and deity amulets that are commonplace in night markets in major Thai cities such as Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand’s night markets are excellent places to go and soak up the local culture. And since nighttime can be a very lively time in the major tourist hotspots in Thailand, they are one of the many places you’ll want to spend your late night hours if you’re a “nocturnal tourist” visiting the country!

Below in alphabetical order are the Thai cities featured in this directory:

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