Chatuchak Flower Market (Chatuchak Weekend Market)

Situated in the Chatuchak Weekend Market is a once-weekly “night market within a night market”: The Chatuchak Flower Market!

The Chatuchak Flower Market is the place to go to snap up some plants for your home! Among the multitude of plants that can be found at this market are your “garden flowers” such as roses, marigolds, petunias, violets, grasses of all kinds, and so on. Or if you’re looking for trees to plant in your yard, you’ll find them here too!

The Chatuchak Flower Market is held every Tuesday through Wednesday starting at 10 pm on Tuesday nights and all the way through Wednesday evenings at around 5 pm. Which makes it one of the few night markets anywhere in the world to open their doors late at night and close during the daytime hours!

Night Market Location:




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