Khlong Thom Market (Flashlight Market)

For the antique lover, junk collector, toy collector, used electronic appliance collector, or anyone who loves used mechanical stuff in general, one must-visit place in Bangkok is the Khlong Thom Market.

Also known as “Flashlight Market” and “Dark Market” due to the necessity of a flashlight while shopping at night (and, quite possibly, due to this market’s past reputation), Khlong Thom shares its name (and nicknames) with a Sunday night outdoor market that was located in the same location until the Thai government shut it down in 2016. Nowadays, the current Khlong Thom market is a long row of shops in Bangkok’s Chinatown area selling used and vintage appliances, antiques, spare parts, and more. For the family members who are rolling their eyes at the family member rummaging through the tables of used stuff, there’s a row of booth selling clothing, household necessities, and other goodies!

Night Market Location:

*NOTE: Since details about the exact location are sketchy and the map software is having a hard time processing those exact locations, I have included an approximate location. Please see the Travelfish site below for more location details!



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