Patpong Night Market

The Patpong Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand circa 2006.
The Patpong Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand circa 2006.

Bangkok’s Patpong district has long been one of the city’s “dens of sin”. For decades it has been famous – and notorious – for its glitzy nightclubs, bars, sex venues, and far more. Every year, thousands if not millions of tourists flock here for the action.  Others come to do some shopping as efforts have been made over the past decade to transform Patpong into a major shopping district. And still more more tourists just come to take in the sights and sounds of Patpong and see what it’s all about.

The Patpong Night Market caters to all three categories of tourists. For tourists looking for some rock-bottom prices on Western brand designer goods or some personal little knicknacks to take home to their family members, they’ll find those here. For tourists looking to buy, *ahem*, “special items” for use in the “den of sin”, chances are good they’ll find those here too.

For tourists visiting the Patpong Night Market, haggling is a must. If you pay what most of the vendors are asking for, you probably won’t be getting any bargains on your purchases.

The Patpong night market opens around 6:30 pm and stays open until the very late hour of 2 am. Or maybe a little sooner or later than 2 am depending on the night in question.

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(Image copyright: Eric Molina. Used via Flickr per CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license.)




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