Buriram Night Bazaar

The Buriram Night Market in the northeastern Thai city of Buriram (near the Cambodian and Laotian borders) is the place to enjoy a fun, energetic evening if you happen to be visiting Buriram!

This night market, while not being open nearly as long as other night markets in Thailand and being a little hard to find, makes up for its shortcomings by the friendly (and, by many tourist accounts, non-intrusive) service of the hawkers and storeowners as well as the abundance in Buriram-themed clothing and souvenirs and local cuisine that you’ll probably want to sample during your stay!

The Buriram Night Market is open every evening from 4-8 pm.

Night Market Location:

*NOTE: Because no actual address of this night market can be found, the marker and address are approximate and, as far as I can tell, are a little farther north from the actual location of Buriram Night Market.



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