Phuket Town Night Market (Naka Market)

The Phuket Town Night Market, or Naka Market as it’s known among locals, is a massive (and stylish) night market that’s one of Thailand’s most famous.

For the many thousands of foreign tourists who visit Phuket every year, the Phuket Town Night Market is one of the best ways to experience the local food and snap up some designer-name brand clothing at bargain prices! Or to snap up some local souvenirs or handicrafts. Or buy some personal accessory they may have left at home. Or many other things not listed in this entry!

This night market is particularly famous for its food stalls, which offer dishes from all across Thailand. If you want to try the fried crickets that are eaten by many Thais, this is the place to do it. Or if you want to just eat plain old Pad Thai, they have that too. Also, if you’re a tourist from the West who’s missing some of the food from home such as fried chicken or ice cream, you’re in for luck if you happen to be here!

The Phuket Town Night Market is open on the weekends only from 7 pm until very late into the night.

Night Market Location:





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