Hawker House

Apart from Dinerama, one of London’s other big open-street night markets is Hawker House.

Hawker House also comes from Street Feast, the pop-up group behind Dinerama. Hawker House is held for six weeks in January-February in a warehouse just a few minutes away from London Bridge in the Canada Water warehouse on London’s Canada Street.

As is the case with Dinerama, Hawker House is a huge junk food fest where you can eat junk food of all kinds! Vendors such as Club Mexicana, B.O.B.’s Lobster, Chuck Burger, Mother Clucker and Smokestack are all there to give you a heaping helping of burgers, tacos, BBQ ribs, pizza, and any other junk food you know you love to enjoy on the weekends!

Hawker House opens at 5 pm and stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights during its run, which is January 29th-late March in 2016.

For more info about Hawker House, be sure to check out these websites:


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