Dongdaemun Market

The Dongdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea.
The Dongdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea.

Dongdaemun Market

On the opposite side of the Seoul city gate from its little cousin Namdaemun Market is the Dongdaemun Market.

When it opened in 1905, Dongdaemun was known as Baeugaejang (“market for learning”) as it was located in an upscale part of Seoul. Over the next few decades, the market was one of the premiere markets in Seoul during the time when the nation was under Japanese occupation.

During the 1950-1953 Korean War, Baeugaejang was completely destroyed by fighting. The modern-day Dongdaemun Market opened in 1959. During the 1990s, the entire district around Dongdaemun Market was transformed into a commercial zone and major shopping malls and shopping centers such as Migliore and Doosan Tower became Dongdaemun Market’s next-door neighbors while Dongdaemun itself underwent a renovation to bring it up to speed with the times.

These days, Dongdaemun is one of South Korea’s most famous shopping centers. The retailers and stores here stay open throughout the night and only close for a few hours in the mornings.

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(Image credit: 螺钉. Used via Wikimedia Commons per CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

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