The Mustafa Centre

The Mustafa Centre in Singapore's Little India district.
The Mustafa Centre in Singapore’s Little India district.

The Mustafa Centre

One of Singapore’s most famous 24 hour shopping malls is The Mustafa Centre, which is located in the Little India district.

Opened in 1971 as an electronics and clothing store by Indian businessman Mustaq Ahmad, The Mustafa Centre gradually transformed into a full-fledged shopping mall throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

These days, The Mustafa Centre consists of two department stores. One sells home appliances and electronics, jewelry, and is home to a supermarket. The other is a traditional department store featuring books, clothing, shoes, and more. In 2011, it opened a new rooftop wing which houses the “Kebabs ‘n Curries” restaurant that serves patrons until the late hour of 2 am!

The Mustafa Centre has plenty to offer the night owl who’s looking to kill a few late-night hours just shopping or browsing away!

Open 24 hours.






(Image credit: Stevage. Used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)


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