All Night Nippon

On the night of October 1st, 1967, a new radio program hit the airwaves on Japanese radio. That program was All Night Nippon (オールナイトニッポン) and half a century later, ANN is still Japan’s hottest – and virtually only live late night talk radio program.

For the past fifty years, ANN has broadcast on its flagship station of AM 1242 JOLF (a Nippon Broadcasting System station) in Tokyo. For years the main program broadcast from 1-3 am, but now broadcasts from 1-5 am. A wide range of personalities have hosted the show over the years, ranging from the Japanese heartthrob crooner and actor Masaharu Fukuyama, who hosts the special All Night Nippon Saturday Special Tamashii no Radio show (alternatively known as The Fukuyama Masaharu Show) on Saturday nights, to the massively popular girl group AKB48, who host the ANN program itself all night long on Wednesday nights. The line-up program in general has always been geared more toward young people and deals with hot topics of the day, the latest pop and rock hits, social issues, and so on.

The first ANN broadcast from October of 1967 has remained the program’s highest-rated broadcast up to this very day.

Besides giving listeners some late night entertainment, the show has also provided valuable comfort and assistance to listeners dealing with emotional crises through its Telephone Consultations segment. This segment has dealt with serious issues affecting Japanese society such as suicide, drug abuse, domestic violence, and much more. This – along with the pop culture and pop music element – has given ANN a decades-old reputation as a very valuable radio program.


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